Marine Salvage - Associate Marine Salvage, Inc. is located in Miami, Florida.  We respond to all corners of the world.


Marine Casualty and Wreck Removal: AMSI's personnel and equipment are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of a casualty, AMSI personnel are trained to evaluate and execute the most favorable solution to prevent further damage to the casualty--and the environment

Associated Marine Salvage, Inc. is quickly becoming a world leader in the marine salvage and wreck removal industry. AMSI well documented list of successful operations in locations around the world provides absolute prove that we can perform salvage operations without geographical restraints.

Associated Marine Salvage can respond quickly to marine salvage and wreck removal operations.We have at our disposal a huge network of marine salvage equipment, highly trained personnel and resources to quickly respond to just about any salvage operation imaginable. Our vast network, together with our proven track record of successful marine salvage operations, provides confidence and reliability to ship owners, insurance companies and government entities in a moment of serious stress.

Wreck Removal - Associated Marine salvage, Inc.Our vast experience in wreck removal of all types places Associated Marine Salvage as one of the leaders worldwide. From removal of historical ships sunk many years ago to salvage of more recent airplane accidents, we have the experience to handle even the most challenging wreck removal jobs. Our resilience to get the job done in a professional and speedy manner saves our customers large amounts of time and money.

We offer a diverse variety of services to insurance companies and policy holders. Our personnel have extensive experience working with all types of insurance personnel to assist the insurance company as well as the property owner in reporting, documenting and receiving compensation for losses. Our expertise includes underwater salvage, underwater pictures, repairs, estimates, salvage, storage, wreck removal and transportation.

We are members in good standing of the American Salvage Association.

Commercial Diving - Associated Marine Salvage, Inc.Commercial Diving: AMSI is a full-service dive company with divers standing by 24 hours a day to repond to any of your diving needs, to include, but not limited to, commercial diving, underwater inspections, marine construction, damage assessment, emergency repair, underwater survey and videography.

Our diving personnel is properly certified and trained to meet or exceed all regulations and commercial diving protocols. We are also members in good standing of the Association of Diving Contractors. This assures our customers that we are committed to handling every diving job in a manner consistent to the highest standards in the industry.

Marine Towing: AMSI has 5 tugs with crews standing by to handle any of your towing needs (emergency assistance, casualty or trip). We offer safe, reliable, and competitive prices for all your marine towing needs.

Marine Towing - Associated Marine Salvage, Inc.We have extensive industry experience and provide marine towing to your facility of choice. Our specialty is on-water quick response towing for recreational vessels as well as for large commercial vessels. If it can be moved, we have the equipment and expertise to handle it.

Associated Marine Services is proud of its well documented successful track record and highly experienced team of professionals determined to effectively manage your vessels on a 24/7 basis. You can rely on AMSI to provide accurate delivery times and safe handling of your property.

Marine Pollution contro and prevention - Associated Marine Salvage, Inc.Pollution Control and Prevention: We're committed to the protection of our environment and constantly work for ways to increase our dedication. AMSI carries first-response pollution control equipment. We also have a close working partnership with an established, well-respected enviromental services company. Our actions demonstrate our care for the marine enviroment.


Protection of the marine environment is an important component of a salvor’s everyday life. They are the ultimate environmentalists. By keeping pollutants contained in a stricken vessel, a significant portion of the environmental impact is removed. If contained, and subsequently removed with the vessel, a pollutant carried by a stricken vessel cannot impact the environment.

Based upon recent studies conducted on the issue of clean up versus remediation, it seems clear that the cost to the public of removing the oil from the wreckage now, while it is still contained, is significantly less than the costs incurred if the oil is allowed to escape into the sensitive marine environment with the attendant impact to natural resources, sea life, as well as the significant economic losses suffered by seaside communities as a result of beach closings and related consequences.Read More
John A. Witte
President American Salvage Association

Artificial Reef: Florida has one of the most active artificial reef programs among the 14 Gulf and Atlantic states involved in this activity. The Florida artificial reef program is the only state program besides Maryland that is not exclusively run at a state agency level where the state holds all the reef area permits. Because of the extent of coastline and statewide involvement in reef activities, the FWC program continues as a cooperative partnership started twenty-five years ago with local coastal county governments.  Today some local coastal cities, universities, and qualified non-profit corporations also work directly with the FWC in artificial reef development and monitoring activities.

Artificial Reef - Associated Marine Salvage, Inc.The purpose of creating an artificial reef is to benefit the environment by enhancing aquatic habitat and marine resources, as well as providing an option for conserving, managing, and developing fisheries resources.

Artificial reefs are complex marine projects that require completion on schedule, on budget (with no change orders), and most importantly with no impacts to marine resources. Reef construction requires innovative construction methodologies due to the sensitive marine enviroment.

Associated Marine Salvage, Inc. has the expertise and resources required to handle the most demanding projects of this kind.  AMSI can provide guidance from the inception of the project all the way through the development of the reef. Including working with government and private funding.

AMSI is a member in standings of the American Salvage AssociationAssociated Marine Salvage, Inc. is a member in good stainding of the Association of Diving Contrators International


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