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In 2009 the USS Vandenberg was scuttled six miles offshore from Key West in 140 feet of water, to become the second-largest artificial reef in the world.


AMSI marine salvage jobs come in all sizes. After a storm caused the 55-foot yacht Class Action to sink in a storm in Miami’s Biscayne Bay, its entire portside buried in sand, AMSI’s team freed and refloated it without additional damage.

Main engines and generators were treated with a preservative to limit salt-water damage. The vessel was cleaned and towed to AMSI’s Miami facility, where it was stored until sold.

The Princesa casino ship, with 154 passengers plus crew aboard, lost its rudders off Miami and was drifting in 10-foot seas. While other companies were unsuccessful in their efforts to tow the ship back into port, AMSI principals were dispatched and successfully towed the vessel to safety with neither loss of life nor damage to property.

We proved once again that we succeed where others simply can’t get the job done.

A 65-foot Trojan yacht, Obsession, sank in 17 feet of water at its berth in Fort Myers, Florida. AMSI principals installed cofferdams on all seaside openings and utilized a crane barge and pumps to refloat the yacht without further damage before towing it to a local marina for repairs.

We have earned a trusted reputation for our ability to effectively respond following hurricanes and other disasters.

When a caustic soda barge collided in the Mississippi River with a 750-foot bulk carrier, the barge became impaled on the larger vessel’s rudder.

AMSI principals responded and succeeded in the swift yet careful extrication of the barge and completed its safe delivery back to its berth without incursion of any additional damage – in keeping with our enviable track record of averting further damage to casualties.

A 180-foot asphalt tank barge, Bayou Xavier, sunk 32 years earlier in the Mississippi River, was to be removed from its position buried deep in mud up to the hatch combing. The operation required AMSI principals to evacuate mud using long-reach track hoes and diver-operated jet pumps before the barge wan chain-cut into four pieces, three of which were lifted out with a 350-ton A-frame and the fourth pulled to beach with tackle.

Another successful wreck removal operation.

As the 455-foot Wayne Victory was taking on water off the Florida Keys while being towed to Brownsville, Texas, AMSI team members boarded it in 10 to 12-foot seas, finding it to have a 12-degree list. AMSI’s dive master found two compartments taking on water; they were patched and the vessel dewatered at sea.

The vessel arrived in Texas a week later without having taken additional water.